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A comm focused on the Doctor/companion dynamic

Welcome to Loves Them All. This comm was created for the discussion of the Doctor Who companions. If you believe that every companion who joins the Doctor on the Tardis is special to him; if you enjoy many different companions; or if you're a newbie just starting to learn about previous companions -- then this comm is for you.

BUT -- if you really only like one companion, or you're looking to talk about the Doctor's one true love, then we'd like to wish you good luck in your comm search, because you won't be happy here.

In a nutshell: YOU don't have to love them all, but you have to be comfortable with the idea that the Doctor does.

We'd like to thank shinyjenni, winner of the layout contest, for our beautiful design and graphics.


-- Wide-ranging discussions, fanfics, news and speculation about the new and classic series, keeping in mind the underlying companion theme of the comm.
-- All ships -- as long as you can live with all the other ones.
-- Old School and New School fans.
-- Wicked senses of humor, as long as they don't express themselves at others' expense.
-- Confused LiveJournal newbies -- please don't be shy, and know that we were all confused once, no matter how many acronyms we can spout now or how many ship-war scars we bear.

-- Character bashing.
-- Rudeness toward other members.
-- Ship wars or OTP trolling. (By that, we mean discussion of one pairing that's likely to offend fans of other pairings.)
-- Sexually explicit photos.
-- Fics, icons, or other content that is widely crossposted. If you're posting to more than two other comms, please don't post here.
-- Real Person Fics.

-- Identify spoilers clearly and put them behind a cut.
-- Same with non-work-safe material of any kind.
-- Put large images or lots of small ones behind a cut.
-- Remember the motto: He loves them all -- whether or not you do. Please respect that.

Please be aware that the mods reserve the right to delete posts without warning if we determine that they fall outside the scope and rules of this comm.

Thanks and enjoy,
Your friendly mods.

Questions or concerns? Need to contact the mods?
Leave a comment at page-a-mod. Comments are screened and are not visible to the general public. We'll get back to you as soon as
we can.

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