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bing and bong

stoplookingup in loves_them_all

Companion Posting Month -- The Master List

April 2008 was Companion Posting Month, when we were treated to posts of great love about nearly every companion in Doctor Who history. And the first week of May was TARDIS week. So here it is – the Master List. There’s an astonishing amount of good stuff here. Many thanks to all who contributed, and special thanks to doyle_sb4, who conceived and organized the event.
(Alphabetized by first name, just to make it a bit easier. If you find any bad links, please let me know in a comment and I'll fix it. Thanks.)
Ace – posted by biichan
Adric -- posted by sergeanthowarth
part 1
Anji – posted by ionlylurkhere
part 1
Barbara -- posted by elyssadc
part 1
part 2 

Ben -- posted by fantom_fan 
part 1
part 2
part 3

Benny -- posted by louisedennis
part 1
Benton – posted by ophelia_winters
The Brig – posted by wiccagirl24
Charley – posted by doyle_sb4
part 2

Dodo -- posted by livii
Donna – posted by meddow
part 1
Erimem – posted by amaresu
Evelyn – posted by fantasyjax
Harry – posted by shannonsequitur
Hex – posted by livii
part 1
Jack – posted by drho
Jamie – posted by nentari
part 1
Jo – posted by airie_fairy
K9 – posted by lizamanynames
Leela – posted by jo_mako
part 1
Liz – posted by eponymous_rose
Martha – posted by laura_luvage
Mel – posted by valentinite
part 1
Nyssa – posted by palmetto
part 1
Peri – posted by scarfman
part 1
Romana I – posted by paapaagena
part 1
Romana II – posted by sneakyangel
part 1
Rose – posted by malana
part 1
Sarah Jane – posted by persiflage_1
part 1
Steven – posted by bibliophile1887
part 1
Susan – posted by nam_jai
Tegan – posted by lilly_rose
part 1
Turlough – posted by pontisbright
part 1
Vicki -- posted by airie_fairy
part 1
part 2
Zoe – posted by elliptic_eye
part 1
TARDIS -- posted by parrotfish
TARDIS posted by persiflage_1
TARDIS posted by paapaagena



Didn't we do well??
Oh heck -- I forgot to thank her in the post! Going to fix that right now.
I find it highly ammusing that Adric was not part of the Companion Love Month. hehehe.
I guess no one stepped up to do him. It's never too late, you know...? (sneaky hint)
That was in no way a hint from me! I'm glad he wasn't part of it! I can't stand him.
I figured as much. Can't blame me for trying, though!
mm, poor little audric. saves the world and doesn't even get a tribute page...and we all find it amusing. does me giggling at at his misfortune make me a bad person? :p

But really, if you think about it, a couple of other people didn't get posts either. sure they weren't companion companions but still...they were more intersting than Audric.
But... what about Ian?
I know -- shameful, isn't it? I hope someone volunteers to fix that. (hint, hint)
I would but I've only seen like one of his serials. :(