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bing and bong

stoplookingup in loves_them_all

The Companion Mash-Up Drabblethon

By popular demand, we’re pleased to announce:

The Companion Mash-up Drabblethon!
What the hell is a Companion Mash-up Drabblethon, you ask? It’s where you get to have a shot at answering questions like, “What advice would Barbara have given Sarah Jane?” or “What would have happened if Rose had traveled with Zoe and Jamie?” or “Romana/Martha – hot pairing, or the hottest pairing?” If you have a story to tell in a hundred words (more or less – we’re not picky) that involves two or more companions (and we’re not picky about that definition, either) from different Doctor Who eras – this is where you belong. Or, of course, if you just want to read them.
Companion Mash-up Drabblethon Rules

1. Prompts – Yes, we have them. No, you don’t need to claim specific ones or stay away from ones that have already been used.  For our purposes, prompts are just advisory. If you have a drabble you’re dying to write, feel free to prompt yourself. A prompt consists of two or more companions, plus – well, anything. An item, a mood, a situation, a line of dialogue. Be creative!
2. Feel free to contribute prompts, whether or not you’re writing fics. The Companion Mash-Up Prompts Post is dedicated to prompts only. Please add all prompts as comments to that post.
3. Also, feel free to make use of the Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator. Many characters there are not companions by any definition (e.g. regenerations of the Doctor or bad guys), but you can just keep clicking until you come up with something that suits you.
4. Please put your prompt at the top of your drabble. If you use one contributed by another member, please note who it’s from. For example: “Ian/Adric/orange popsicle forparrotfish.”
5. As we mentioned, for our purposes, a drabble is just very short. Traditionally, a drabble is exactly 100 words, but we’re all usually too drunk busy to count them all. So, y’know. Short. Ish.

6. Please post drabbles as comments to this post (i.e. the one you’re reading now). You may leave feedback for authors as comments directly to their stories in this thread. Please post prompts as comments to The Companion Mash-Up Prompts Post. (Keeping prompts separate is designed to make it easier for authors to skim through them.)
7. The Character Mash-up Drabblethon will remain open from today until the day the first episode of Doctor Who season 4 airs.
Note: ladymako71is hosting the 1001 Whovian Nights Drabble Fest at her LJ, a wide-open any-era drabble tag. So if you have an inspiration that doesn’t involve crossing eras and companions, you can head over there.