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dbskyler in loves_them_all

Announcing the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Ficathon

Spreading the word about a ficathon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our favorite show! We are currently soliciting prompts. Please drop on by and join in!

Click on the image

ETA: Apparently some people are having trouble getting to the community by clicking on the image. Not sure what the problem is, but here's the direct link: dw_50ficathon.livejournal.com

Sorry about that!

ETA2: The link in the graphic above has been changed, and it should hopefully work for everyone now. If you're still having trouble, try using a hyphen instead of an underscore:</b> dw-50ficathon.livejournal.com


The link went into an infinite redirect loop for me. I think it may be because it links to http://www.dw_50ficathon.livejournal.com/ when the correct address is http://dw-50ficathon.livejournal.com/
Interesting! The link worked for me, but I edited it as you suggested -- and it still works for me. Try it now and see!
It still goes into a loop for me (Safari 4.1.3). It seems to be caused by the '_' (rather than '-' ) in the address.
Ah ha, so the problem is browsers that can't deal with an underscore in the address! I use "_" in the address, and it takes me to the comm. However, when I use "-" in the address, it still takes me to the comm.

(I use both Firefox and Safari, and the original graphic worked in both -- but my version of Safari is 5.0.6)

Thank you so much for your help! Try it out now to be sure the fix works; I am off to go change it in the other places I posted.

That works for me now.